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Kent Land & Planning: Our Story

Recently formed as a company in it’s own right, Kent Land & Planning was formerly the land department of Clarendon Homes. Since branching off in 2018, our team has continued to enjoy a very close working relationship with Clarendon Homes, combining to deliver unique developments in Kent and the nearby areas.

In becoming an entity of its own, Kent Land & Planning has been able to flourish in its mission: To find land suitable for development and help landowners receive the maximum value for its sale. We do this by drawing on our expert knowledge and extensive experience within the industry. Our team is comprised of planning consultants, property developers & architects with a keen eye for seeing innovative development opportunities where others can’t. Our skill sets combined put us in a unique position to be able to help you see the full development potential of your land, as well as assisting you throughout the process of selling it. Scroll down to learn more about our team and how we work.

Expert Planning Consultants

Maximising the value of your land typically depends on securing planning permission. In an increasingly complex planning system, our experienced planning consultants stay ahead of the curve to help you achieve the planning permission necessary for a successful land sale. Based in Maidstone, Kent, we are familiar with the local area and also, crucially, with the local planning authorities. In both our time under Clarendon Homes and Kent Land & Planning, we have maximized many of our clients’ land value by achieving planning permission in the vast majority of cases.

Our aim throughout the planning process is to keep a complex procedure as simple as possible for you. We go the extra mile to understand and take into consideration the numerous stakeholders involved when applying for planning permission. Whether this involves neighbours, the wider community, family members or local authorities, we strive to ensure that all interested parties are satisfied.

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How We Can Help You

If you are considering selling a plot of land for development in or near the Kent area, we can use our specialist expertise to help you maximise its value. Whether it is farmland, part of a large garden, an industrial site or something similar, we can help you capitalise on it, in some cases generating a life changing sum of money.

Our ability to see opportunities for innovative, picturesque property developments and also the experience to handle the project from start to finish, sets us apart from the rest when it comes to selling your land in Kent.

After a free land appraisal, we will advise you on the most profitable route forwards and make you an offer on that basis. If you accept, we will draw up an agreement, pay for all the drawings, reports, consultations with the local authority and submit the planning permission. When we are granted planning permission, we pay you the agreed offer.

Award Winning Property Developments

During the time that Kent Land & Planning were operating under Clarendon Homes, our skilled team of property developers received award-winning recognition. Unique projects that we worked on won UK Property Awards for three consecutive years, from 2016 through to 2018. Check them out below, you’ll soon see why we are considered among the best in the business! 

Award winning property development in Wrotham, 2016
Gables Park, Wrotham, 2016
award winning property development, Allington, 2017
Castor Park, Allington, 2017
Award winning property development in Crouch, Kent, 2018
The Chequers, Crouch, 2018

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