We have multiple professional accounts with public information providers including the Land Registry and Ordnance Survey, enabling us to search for land and contact the legal owners.
Nothing at all. Kent Land & Planning will pay all fees associated with gaining planning permission, plus we will cover your solicitor’s fees to enter into the agreement with us.
Our specialist team carry out an initial feasibility study to evaluate the development potential of your land. We then carry out a financial appraisal to establish a land value. Depending on the site and the level of complexity, this can be a matter of days or weeks. We can give you an indication during our first discussion. We will discuss your circumstances which will allow us to deliver the most attractive offer, under the terms that are most suitable to you. Once discussed, we will put the offer in writing to you.
We will work with you to produce a scheme which has minimal impact upon your property and should have a negligible effect on its value. The market place has changed which is why the vast majority of new properties being built have more modest gardens. The value of the property is in the house itself, not the size of its garden.
Once we have gained planning permission on the property we will exercise our option and you will receive the agreed funds on Completion. No building work can begin until you have received your money.
If this is your main home then the chances are that your profit will be tax-free. If you are selling off land from an additional property, you may well have to pay Capital Gains Tax. Your tax position is your responsibility, so whilst we aim to be helpful, we advise that you consult an accountant for specific advice. The government are considering introducing a new system to tax the profits from landowners who sell their land for development. We therefore recommend acting early to maximise you returns.
Kent Land & Planning have extensive experience of the planning system and has a good record of achieving planning permission. Even so, there are sometimes cases that can be refused and may need to go through the appeals process. We will use every opportunity at our disposal to achieve permission and may enter multiple applications to increase the likelihood of success.Kent Land & Planning pay all of the costs, so in the rare cases where all avenues are exhausted and planning permission has not been granted, the company forfeits the expenses.
All of our developments are designed to have a minimal impact upon neighbours. Ultimately, neighbours are protected by the planning system, so if their objections are reasonable, then they shall have good reason to require the application to be amended. We work hard to eliminate poor design which helps to reduce the level of objections. We are happy to discuss any reasonable issue with neighbours and look for solutions, rather than problems. If you have neighbours who may be interested in adding their land, then we are happy to discuss this. Alternatively, if you are concerned about some of your neighbours, then please raise this with us and we shall look to agree upon a strategy with you.
Every discussion with you will remain confidential unless you advise differently. We aim to build a solid relationship with you in order to achieve a successful outcome.